Privacy policy

Privacy policy

I. Privacy Policy regulates the principles and procedures for the accumulation, collection, processing and storage of main personal data of an electronic shop UAB “Ignera” (hereinafter referred to as Shop, Seller) and the person, who visits the shop (hereinafter referred to as Visitor).

II. Privacy provisions include all and any visitor’s actions that he can perform in the Shop: to buy goods, read the published information, feedback, leave comments, and other type of information, as well as other actions related to submission and receipt of data and the feedback.

III. The Shop guarantees privacy and protection of personal data of each visitor.

IV. The Visitor confirms and declares that provided the Seller with the right to collect, store, organize, and manage all and any personal data that the Visitor submits to the Seller during his visit to the Shop.

V. The Visitor, intending to purchase selected item, must provide the Shop with the following contact information:

   V.1 Name, surname.

   V.2 Telephone number.

   V.3 E-mail address.

   V.4 Address and town/city of receipt.

   V.5 Postcode.

   V.6 Company name.

VI. The Shop declares that it will use the data submitted by the Visitor for the following purposes:

   VI.1 Possibility to deliver the goods to the contacts indicated by the Visitor.

   VI.2 Possibility to monitor the process for provision of goods, to control and improve it.

   VI.3 Possibility to contact the Visitor in case of uncertainties or other unforeseen circumstances for which it is necessary to contact the Visitor.

VII. In all other cases, any Visitor’s data may be disclosed to third parties, only according to the procedures established in the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

VIII. The Visitor shall have the right to supplement and (or) modify his login data in case of their change.

XIX. The services provided by the Shop may be used by:

   XIX.1 Legal persons approved by the Seller.

X. The Shop uses the software and other measures to protect all login data of the Visitors. Only the persons authorized by the Shop shall have access to the Visitor’s login data.

XI. The Visitor himself is solely responsible for the confidentiality of all primary login data.

XII. Visitor’s data shall be stored in the Shop until the Visitor requests to remove the data in writing, but not longer than 1 (one) year.

XIII. In case of the liquidation of the Shop, the all data of Visitors shall be destroyed irreversibly.

XIV. Using the Shop, the Visitor shall agree unconditionally to the provisions of Privacy Policy of the Shop. If the Visitor does not agree with these Privacy provisions, he shall have no right to use the Shop and should leave it immediately.

XV. The Shop implements the protection of personal data of Visitors following the provisions of Law on Personal Data Protection No IX-1296 of the Republic of Lithuania.

XVI. The Seller shall have the right to emend the Privacy provisions unilaterally. These amendments shall take effect after the publication in the Shop. If the Visitor uses the Shop after the publication of Privacy provisions, it is considered that he agrees with all amendments.


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