How to order?

How to order?

1. Register your account by clicking on the “Registration/Login”.

2.  Wait until you get the confirmation of your account by e-mail. Click on the “Login”.

3. On the website, go to the “Catalogue”. Enter the desired product category/subcategory.

4.  On the left side of catalogue menu, you can search in other product categories.

5. Find the desired product (use search at the top).

6. Enter the required quantity of goods and then click the button (basket-shaped icon).

7. If you want to review the shopping cart, click on the “Shopping cart”. In the cart, you can change the amount of purchased goods, add new products or refuse chosen ones, as well as to change the address of the buyer and delivery.

8. To change the amount of goods purchased, change the value in the box “Quantity”.

9. Click on the “Confirm Order”.

10.  You will be contacted by the manager to reconcile the delivery details.

Congratulations, you have submitted your order